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A bout de soufle


This abstract painting was created during MCO as a response to the emotional and financial instability I experienced during the time. It is a representation of the cumulative fear and pain I experienced due to the rising Covid-19 cases, unstable Malaysian political climate, the Black Lives Matters protest in the US, the detention of undocumented migrants and the general malaise and uncertainty of the time. It was a difficult time for myself and the local and international communities and it seemed like no one was able to catch a breath.

This artwork was inspired by the Abstract Expressionist art movement of the post World War period. I felt connected to the sense of apocalyptic doom that artists and the public were feeling at the time.

This painting was created in my bedroom in Wangsa Maju, Kuala Lumpur.


Adam Ummar



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Fine Art → Painting

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Adam Ummar


  • COVID-19
  • lockdown
  • Migran Juga Manusia

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